About Michael Duranko Image of Michael Duranko Local Tea Company Sarasota, Florida

Michael Duranko is from Rochester, New York and graduated from Michigan State University.  He worked as a Chemical Engineer and managed sales and sales teams living in Dallas, Atlanta, San Francisco, Seattle and New York city before moving to Sarasota.

Michael loves living in Sarasota and the tea business.   He has developed strong relationships with many Sarasota businesses and attempts to buy from as many local businesses as possible.  Learn more about Michael and the Local Tea Company in our History page.

Favorite Tea

“I love our Sweet Orange Mate. It gives me a bit of clarity in this murky world”.


Image of Glynis Chapman of Local Tea Company in Sarasota, FloridaAbout Glynis Chapman

Glynis Chapman is from Yorkshire, England specifically Middlesmoor near the head of Nidderdale in the Yorkshire Dales. She moved to Sarasota with her husband, Graham, and for years they owned Siesta Sports Rentals on south Siesta Key.

Glynis joined Michael to help with the first tea menu for our Siesta Key shop and has helped build our tea business ever since. She has a fabulous palate and a deep curiosity for all aspects of tea.

Favorite Tea
“Probably our Organic Sarasotan Breakfast Tea, but I do love green tea in the early afternoon. That is a really hard question for me.”