About Sip Locally Tea Blog

This Sip Locally tea blog is one part of our tea journey at Local Tea Company.

We offer remarkable tea experiences for those who want a better solution for their beverages, well being, and/or life balance. We educate and advocate the true taste and complexity of quality loose leaf teas.

Local Tea Company creates a space in busy lives for an appreciation of the finer things in life, through tea, minus the extravagant costs or pretentiousness.

In addition to our Sip Locally tea blog, Local Tea Company previously operated the cafe in the Selby House and a tea tasting room in the Carriagehouse, both at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens. We started with a shop in Siesta Key Village, Local Coffee + Tea which is now The Local Bean. And for more than 6 years we had our “Tea Tent” every Saturday at the Sarasota Downtown Farmer’s Market. You can read all about our history in great detail here.

We are now focused on our wholesale business, providing quality loose leaf teas to restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and the like. You can find a list of our ‘Serving Partners’ here. This is a fine list and thank you for supporting these fine local businesses.

All of our teas are available from our online shop here.

Thanks for your continued support. And so the tea journey continues and begins for someone new.

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