White Mischief Delicate Tea

White Mischief Delicate Tea

White Tea is surrounded by folklore and mystique heralded from ancient China. I am talking really ancient here, as in Tang dynasty 618-907 AD.Tang Dynasty of China

The Emperor proclaimed this delicate tea as “the culmination of all that is elegant” and reserved for members of the Imperial Court. The leaves were picked in early spring when young tea shoots abound.  Legend has it that the picking was done by virgins wearing white gloves. Well, it is a pure story at any rate!

White Mischief Delicate Tea

White delicate tea is thankfully no longer solely the property of Emperors and Kings!

Although originally grown only in the Fujian Province in China, it is now grown in other regions such as Sri Lanka, Taiwan, and India due to its increasing popularity. What has remained the same is the process of making this tea!

White teas are the least processed of all the teas. Leaves are delivered to the factory by hand, where they are naturally withered and sun-dried; no oxidation occurs.

The new buds are picked before they open when they have a white, silvery appearance (hence the name!). This white appearance is the ‘hao” or hair on the bud or baby leaf.

delicate-tea White teas are subtle, delicate, and flavorful and are considered by some to have the most health benefits. The appearance of white teas can vary in color, depending on the style of tea. Still, all have a very natural fresh look.  The liquor is very pure and natural in the cup, devoid of any astringency or grassiness.

With more antioxidants than black tea or green tea, research shows that white tea has anticancer properties.  White delicate Tea strengthens the immune and cardiovascular systems, and can reduce blood pressure.  Like all teas, it is calming and acts to detoxify the skin; anti-sagging!

White Mischief

So, what about our White Mischief Tea from Local Tea Company? I thought this a very appropriate name on first tasting this tea with a mischievous play on the taste buds.

Please take a moment to smell this tea, it plays mischief with your senses!
White Mischief delicate Tea is a type of tea known as Pai Mu Tan, which means “white peony” and is produced in Fujian Province.  The plucking of the tea bushes is called Narcissus or chaicha where only the “two leaves and a bud” are used.

The tea is mostly green with silver tips and is quite light and fluffy.  The mischievousness is created by blending with a healthy dose of tart pomegranate and juicy guava!

When brewing White Mischief delicate Tea, use one heaped teaspoon per cup with water heated to 180-190 degrees (or just under boiling).  I find this produces a mellow flavor without scalding the leaves, which may cause astringency.  The tea can be infused for 2 minutes with plenty of flavors.  The second infusion of 4 minutes and a third of 6 minutes will yield great cooling and refreshing character. See our earlier post on multi-steeping tea.

I have infused this tea as many as 6 times, but I’ll leave you to experiment with this stimulating and actually quite mischievous tea. Sorry I couldn’t resist it one more time!

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