Visit Edison Ford Winter Estates

A visit to Edison Ford Winter Estates? 

Edison Ford Winter Estates Local Tea Company Fruit Tea

You may have seen my earlier post about the newest tea from Local Tea Company. The Edison Ford Fruit Tea created to celebrate the beautiful winter homes of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford at the Edison Ford Winter Estates.  Recently I had relatives visiting from Yorkshire and decided to take a day trip south to the Edison Ford Winter Estates in Fort Myers.  If you read my blogs you know I like to share my tea experiences with you (England , Northern Michigan, South Carolina Tea Plantation.) This one is on my own doorstep, I just have to share.  A ‘one-tank trip’ not to be missed!

Glynis from Local Tea Company at Edison Ford Winter Estates We had a simply beautiful day, with blue skies and a nice breeze blowing from the Caloosahatchee river.  The grounds were spectacular with a riot of Bougainvillea, fruit trees starting to blossom and many variety of palm trees.  We stood in awe of an immense banyan tree.  Certainly one of the largest I have ever seen, even larger than the ones at Selby Gardens.

The Tearoom

My favorite place in the garden was an area by the swimming pool called ‘The Tearoom.’

Mrs. Mina Edison entertained guests here.  I could imagine the ladies seated in this tiled area.  The breeze from the river cooled them as they sipped Edison Ford Fruit Tea.  This tea is a delicious blend of citrus, pineapple, mango and calendula [pot marigold petals] and is evocative of the ‘fruit teas’ often served to family and guests.

The tea room at Edison Ford Winter Estates - Local Tea Company visit tea blog post

Both the Edison and Ford houses have large covered patios.  The patios surround each house and offer shade from the sun.  The breeze from the river kept us cool as we admired the furnished rooms on display.

I especially enjoyed the dining area of the Edison house where i spied evidence of a love of tea.   They had a lovely collection of teacups on display.  Delightful!

There are many wonderful pictures of the families and guests enjoying these two magnificent winter homes and surroundings. You can really linger over the displays and presentations.  Our group was captivated by our journey back in time.

Our visit to Edison Ford Winter Estates was a great success.  If you are from this area of paradise, then you should visit soon.  For those of you who are more than ‘one tank’ away (especially in colder climes!) and cannot visit, consider buying some of this wonderful tea online.

As always, my wish is that you will take some time for tea and enjoy Edison Ford Fruit Tea.  Let the tea take you back in time, you will not be disappointed!


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