Green Tea fights Covid?

Green Tea Fights Covid?  Can green tea really help you fight off Covid? 

A university study says, Yes, maybe.

Green Tea to the rescue!

North Carolina State University released a study on November 30th presenting research on certain chemical compounds found in specific foods that seem to ‘inhibit’ the virus causing Covid.  And, you guessed it, tea showed the most promise.      

green tea

Green tea can ‘bind to and block’ the function of specific enzymes (or protease) in the coronavirus, slowing down or inhibiting replication. 

“If the virus can’t replicate, the virus will die,” said Dr. De-Yu Xie, a plant and microbial biology professor who led the study. 

The flavanoids and catechins unique to green tea are also present in muscadine grapes, cacao powder, and dark chocolate.  

The study explored how the main protease (Mpro) in the SARS-CoV-2 virus reacted when confronted with chemical compounds known to have potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.  Think of the Mpro as having a ‘pocket’ filled with the chemical compounds.  

Green loose leaf Tea and the muscadine grapes successfully inhibited the replication function of the Mopar, while cacao powder in dark chocolate reduced the activity by about half.  

Covid Vaccine is coming; Green Tea is here!

While the vaccine is on the way, and long lists and lines are forming.  Let’s table the discussions about when or who it will help, side effects, and potential risks.  Instead, why not explore natural methods of protecting yourself from the virus?

Drinking tea is always a good idea, especially during the cold and flu season.  Now, more than ever, green tea is an effective booster of your body’s immune system.  Add ‘superfruit’ goji berries or antioxidant-rich strawberries found in our Goji Green or Organic Strawberry Smile green loose leaf tea blends.   

So, Wear a mask!  Wash your hands!  Social distance for others!  And Drink more tea!   

A link to the complete study is here.  We have recently had a few posts on tea, Making you Happier, and what happens if you Drink This Tea Every Day.  What tea is good for a sore throat?


  • Which tea is Best?  Our Organic Sencha Green is a great choice for purists.  And we have many flavored teas that people love.  There are many tea benefits.
  • Why is tea good for you?  Or, is green macha tea good for you?  A combination of antioxidants and L-Theanine make green loose leaf teas one of the healthiest beverages you can consume.
  • How much Green Macha Tea is too much?  What is green herbal tea good for?  Drink more loose leaf tea, that is the best advice!
  • Is green tea caffeinated?  Yes, there is caffeine in green tea.  Rather than drinking decaffeinated tea, we suggest you try an herbal, fruit, or rooibos tea.  There will always be a bit of caffeine in decaffeinated tea, so beware!

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