Kombucha Part 2

Welcome to the next installment of kombucha making!

It has been an eventful and exciting period since we last talked and there are some things I need to share.  First, Kombucha making takes some patience and some structure!  Michael, are you listening?

After winging the first batch, I got serious and looked for some better guidelines. This led me to a site called getkombucha.com. Dave talks you through all stages in a mini course, which is brilliant. (I really like the way he presents his experiences, funny too) I have bought a better container and followed measurements more precisely and am hoping for better results.

The first batch (made with Pu-erh) was quite frankly a disaster and ended up down the sink, but I am ok with that. I am going to nail this kombucha making, after all I am an expert with a regular cuppa tea. How difficult can it be???

Second batch (made with Kenya black tea) is now bottled and needs refrigerating before consuming. I learnt that keeping the bottles out for 4 days helps build up some carbonation before you refrigerate.  (A colleague took a crafty sample yesterday and reported that it tasted fantastic! She now wants in on the action too.) I look forward to drinking this daily whilst waiting for the next batch to work its magic.

I have another batch (which I started at home) made with a combination of black and green tea. I brewed for only 12 days. Most guidelines indicate between 7 and 14 days and on sampling I liked the taste, so went for it. In 2 of the bottles I dropped a piece of fresh ginger (another thing I learned was that fruits need to be added at this stage).

I look forward to drinking to see if I have a success story on my hands.  My goal is to now pass on a ‘mother’ to my colleague and continue the Kombucha chain.

Some important tips I want to share which may have contributed to my first failure are….

  • Do not cut down the sugar content (1 cup per 4 litre tea). The culture needs sugar to feed and grow,
  • Make sure the mixture is covered with a cloth or paper towel secured with elastic band. It needs to breathe whilst keeping out the bugs. Or go to getkombucha.com for all the tips!
  • Just a word of warning, this kombucha making becomes somewhat of an obsession. You may find yourself very strangely watching your culture for any action. Is the scoby rising to the top or still on the bottom? How long do I have to wait till I taste?


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