Local Tea is Moving

Local Tea is moving

This is oftentimes a sign that is not a welcome one, but in our case, it brings great news! We are not only moving but moving to larger premises!!

Within the next month, we move our tea tasting room at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens from within the Christy Payne Mansion to the Carriage House, previously known as Wild Things.Payne Mansion at Selby Gardens, the former home of Local Tea Company

The poisonous dart frogs have found a new home, and we have embarked on a cleaning and decorating spree. We will be refurbishing and transforming our new location into a premium home befitting our premium loose teas!

How exciting!!!

The Payne Mansion allowed us to grow so much within the beautiful environs. We will miss the mansion so much (especially the bathroom!!) but can not wait for all the new and exciting tea-things we have planned.

You will hear more about our tea activities at Selby Gardens, along with a few pictures.  Local Tea is moving, but not that far!

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