Mote Beach Tea

“Why beach tea?” we are asked when serving this delightful fruit infusion.

A quick sniff and a small sample of this tea will whisk you away to an exotic beach on a deserted island, with dolphins, manatee and other tropical delights.  This is a tea you would definitely want to be stranded with on your imaginary beach paradise.

Mote Beach Tea

It is impossible to resist a tea with such wonderful dried fruits and flowers: – pineapple, coconut, rosehips and hibiscus blended with natural flavors of those fruits.  There is no true tea, so Mote Beach Tea is caffeine free, especially nice after dinner or before bed and can be a “sweet tooth” substitute for dessert.

As we have done with our other fruit tisanes lets look in more detail at the ingredients of Mote Beach Tea.

Coconut (Cocus muciferaA tropical fruit rich in protein and very rich in the taste department! I absolutely love all things coconut and the ‘tree of life’ in its various forms delivers lots of healthy fats and fiber. I found that coconut has all the benefits of other dietary fibers: –

Lower risk of heart disease, helps prevent cancer, improves digestive function and helps regulate blood sugar all with 4 times the amount of fiber compared to oat bran.  New research shows that coconut fats are absorbed directly by the liver and not stored in fat cells thus producing energy and raising the body’s metabolism.

Pineapple (Ananas cosmosusThis ‘fruit of many blessings’, good health, good fortune and longevity.  Pineapple also has a wonderful taste along with some outstanding health benefits. Pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain which helps in the digestion of proteins, Vitamins C and B and many essential daily minerals. The sugars in pineapple are easily digested, the fiber content is high and your immune system will receive a boost protecting you from illnesses.  Pineapple also has anti inflammatory properties.

Apple (Malus domesticaNot quite as exotic as our first 2 ingredients but never the less a very special fruit which we perhaps take for granted due to the continuous abundance of choices year round in our grocery store.

Apple contains anti-oxidants, flavonoids and pectin which is a natural fiber (apples being the richest source) that has recently been shown to act against bad cholesterol, decrease the chances of colon cancer and reduce high blood pressure.  Quercetin which is primarily found in Apples (and Black tea!) belongs to a group of plant pigment called flavonoids that help fight disease.

The old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” was certainly established with good reason.

Rose Hip (Rosa caninaThe beautiful hip is the fruit of the Wild Dog Rose and takes its name from its earliest use as a remedy for bites from ‘mad’ or ‘wild’ dogs.

It is estimated that there are more than 10,000 species of cultivated roses but the medicinal species are natives of Europe. The hips are the reddish colored coverings that grow around the real fruits for protection and for this reason they are often called “false fruits”. The nutrient value is as rich as their color; they enhance the function of everything from your skin to your innermost being, containing an array of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.

Hibiscus Blossoms (Hibiscus sabdariffaIf you have been following our blogs, by now you will have become very familiar with this little gem which is used as an enhancer in many teas now. If you have missed our previous descriptions on this healthy and colorful addition check out  Sabdariffa Spritzer.

You may not receive quite the list of benefits just drinking the tea so after brewing why not just add the steeped fruit to your morning cereal, yoghurt or smoothie for more exotic goodness!

Mote Marine Laboratory

Mote Beach Tea was created to celebrate and honor the work conducted at Mote Marine Laboratory.  Available in distinctive, resealable blue bags to maintain freshness, on the back of each package is an overview of the mission of Mote Marine Laboratory.

Mote is one of the treasures of Sarasota, and the tea is a crowd pleaser at our tea tent at the Sarasota Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings. Kids love it, though parents often enjoy it even more.

We launched this tea last year at the Night of Fish, Fun & Fright at Mote.  Come this year Friday Oct. 22 from 6:30 to 9pm.

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