Name That Tea – Part 2 – Organic Sakura Rose

Our “Name that Tea” contest ended late yesterday with over 250 entries, including one at 11:45 pm.  Great ideas and great names to go with a great loose leaf green tea with rose petals and cherry blossoms.  We thank everyone for participating.

Name That Tea Contest
Soon to be Named Green Tea

Now the hard part trying to pick a winner.  But first, the prize list.  The person or team submitting the winning name for our new tea will receive the following…

  • Ceremonial first cuppa with paparazzi present,
  • $5 gift certificate from Wet Noses (at Sarasota Farmer’s Market),
  • 1 box of toffees from Courto’s Katas (at Sarasota Farmer’s Market),
  • An Empanada from Peperonnata Pasta (at Sarasota Farmer’s Market),
  • A Strudel Stick from Strudel’s at (at Siesta Key Farmer’s Market),
  • 1 Bag of Popcorn (at Siesta Key Farmer’s Market),
  • 1 cup of coffee from Java Dawg Coffee (at Sarasota Farmer’s Market),
  • and, of course, the winner will receive an overstuffed packet of the fabulous tea they just named.

All very tempting and designed to elicit envy from your tea-naming friends.

Next, we need some more help.  Below is a list of the top 10 names culled from a long list.  Your input is welcome.  We will award prizes to the most clever comments here or on our Facebook Fan Page.

  1. Rose Fusion Green
  2. Sakura Rose – ***Winner Winner***
  3. Garden Green
  4. Cherry Smile
  5. New Spring
  6. Rose Verde
  7. Cherry Delight
  8. Sakura Cha
  9. Cherry Jubilee
  10. Cherry Surprise

We will announce the final winners in our April “Think Out of the Bag” Newsletter that will go out on the 15th.  Thanks again for playing “Name That Tea.”


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