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We are always trying to find new ways to stand out in a crowd at the Local Tea Company.  Our loose leaf teas speak for themselves, so the idea is to stand out with our customer service.  Hence, our new order Confirmation Email from Local Tea Co.

If you have ever ordered from Local Tea Company, you will have unpacked your order, Your Glorious Tea Order, and found a little something extra.  Usually a tea we think you might enjoy, or in the case of our long-term customers, a bit added to the packet.

We add a full packet rather than a sampler for a few reasons; if you like it, you will want more than a few cups, and sometimes it takes more than a few cuppas to decide if you like a tea.  We call it a ‘gift’ and not a sample, and no reason to take shortcuts with a gift.

Dianne introduced me to the word Lagniappe, which I think means “a little surprise” in cajun.  But our gifts go back to the very first order we shipped in 2009.  Every order gets a little lagniappe to go with the handwritten note.

Yes, Michael does get a lot of grief about his handwriting.  More comments were shared when we had retail shops (The CarriageHouse Tea Room at Selby Gardens and our Tea Tent at the Downtown Sarasota Farmer’s Market).  The feedback is welcomed and deserved…his handwriting is horrible!!!  Michael insists on writing a note with every order and has since we started selling tea online.

New Order Confirmation Email – Local Tea Co. Style

Another customer service element is the emails that go out to our customers when they order online.  We have had that same boring confirmation order until now.  With inspiration from Derek Sivers and CD Baby, we came up with our new order Confirmation Email Local Tea Co.  I hope you enjoy our attempt at a bit of hyperbole!


We have a 4-ton gong that dates back to the Han Dynasty. There are older gongs, but few more beautiful.

Nearby hangs a carved wooden mallet about 4 feet long. One end is tightly wound using a soft fabric.

When your Glorious Tea Order was announced to our team, our Employee of the Day struck the gong once. All heads bowed for a moment of silence in your honor.

Then, the entire team leaped into action. Your Glorious Tea Order was sorted, packed, and sealed into custom packets with hand-painted labels meant to look like printed labels.

As the ink was drying, the team paused to brew a pot of the Glorious Tea you ordered. This is our last quality check, and Your Glorious Tea Order needed no adjustments.

Your Glorious Tea Order was then gently placed into a hand-cut package meant to look like a Priority Mail pouch from the US Postal Service.

We then walked single file from our Tea Lair to the post office. We first gave the postmaster a list of delivery instructions for Your Glorious Tea Order. Once all the details were reviewed and confirmed, then and only then did we release Your Glorious Tea Order confirmation email.

Your Glorious Tea Order Confirmation Email


Finally, we left the postmaster a wrapped gift to show our appreciation of his concern and care for Your Glorious Tea Order.

Exhausted but satisfied, we returned to our Tea Lair, where your name was stitched onto a banner that we now hang from our rafters.

Only our strict privacy policy keeps us from sending you a complete video of our activity. Even a picture might violate our rules. Please accept my apologies.

Yes, we are tired. We will now rest as we await your next Glorious Tea Order and you wait patiently for your new order confirmation email.

Thank you for supporting the Local Tea Company. I do hope you enjoyed our little story about our new order confirmation email.

Michael Duranko

order confirmation email

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