Herbal Tea

You should prepare our herbal teas, tisanes, and infusions just like tea.  Though these gems contain no tea leaves, and so are all completely caffeine-free.  Our yerba mates, Roasted Mate, Organic Green Mate, and our Sweet Orange Mate are the only exceptions.

Steep these herbal teas multiple times.  Loose-leaf teas have far more flavor than traditional tea bags due to their superior quality and freshness. Tea strength is a personal decision.  Please experiment to determine your preferences.

Use boiling water and allow your herbal tea to steep as little as 3 minutes or as much as 10 minutes. For each of the following steeps, use boiling water and double the steep time; if you do not want to drink all the tea, store it in the fridge for wonderful iced tea.

Store in a dry place.

Most popular are our fruit teas, especially Mote Beach Tea, Little Monkey, and Organic Red Berries.

Locally Inspired

Local Tea Company promotes local products and services, protects local environments, and celebrates local treasures. Great things start at the local level.  Therefore it is no surprise our motto is “Sip Locally.”

Three times more money is injected into the local economy when people buy from local businesses rather than national chains.  Local businesses put their money back into the local economy.  Both employees and vendors contribute to a cycle of support that strengthens a community.  Sip Locally.

Our locally inspired, loose leaf teas celebrate Sarasota.  For example, our most popular tea, Selby Select, is inspired by Marie Selby Botanical Gardens.  Selby was our home base from 2007 until 2016. In addition, we have created teas celebrating other parts of Selby Gardens, including our Little Monkey Fruit Tea and our Secret Garden Green Tea.

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