A Sample of our Rooibos Teas


Our favorite rooibos teas for you to try.  You can select either 3/4 oz of loose leaf, enough to make 6 to 8 cups of each, or 4 of our SOILON ‘silk’ sachets of each tea.  All are naturally caffeine-free.

Selby Select, Mable Rose Rooibos, Organic Lavender Rooibos and Lemon Sunset.


Rooibos Teas

Sample of your Rooibos Teas?  This is an idea one of our customers suggested.  “Why not offer a small portion of a variety of your teas so people could try them at a reasonable price.”

Great idea!  So we created ‘Samplers’ for our black teas, green teas, rooibos teas, and actually 2 for our herbal teas.  Thanks again for the great idea, and enjoy!

Sample Rooibos Tea is a collection of our favorite rooibos teas.  You can select either 3/4 oz of loose-leaf, enough to make 6 to 8 cups of each, or 4 of our SOILON ‘silk’ sachets of each tea.  The rooibos teas are the following…

  • Selby Select Rooibos Tea
    Our best-selling rooibos combining juicy oranges and vanilla for a creamy creamsicle flavor. Because you can’t steep an orchid.  Created to celebrate Selby Gardens.


  • Mable’s Rose Rooibos Tea
    Roses and subtle cherries blended with Rooibos for a bit of Ca d’Zan in your cuppa. If you liked John’s house, you would love Mable’s Tea.  Created to celebrate The Ringling museum.


  • Organic Lavender Rooibos Tea
    An organic Rooibos blended with lavender, rosehip shells, dried red and black currants, rose petals, and bilberries. Heady perfumed lavender notes with a floral, fresh, fruity, and mellow flavor. This is a very relaxing tea for consumption any time of day or night.


  • Lemon Sunset Rooibos Tea
    A complex and powerful Rooibos of sun-kissed lemons with a tart, citrus edge softened by calendula petals, lemongrass, and natural flavors.

Store in a dry place.


4X 3/4 oz Loose Leaf Tea, 4x 4 Tea Sachets (SOILON) – 16 total


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