Recession Remedy

This is something I got thinking about the other day when a customer hinted our tea might be a tad expensive!

I know everybody feels the pinch right now and may continue to do so for some time, but tea is such amazing value for money.  Most of our teas are $9 for a 2 oz portion.  At 25 cups per 2 oz, you can make your cuppa for 36 cents a pop!  And most loose leaf teas can be Multi-Steeped or infused multiple times, which brings the cost down even more.

Just in case you were looking for further justification for splurging on tea, let’s examine some more reasons why tea is such a fantastic beverage for our body and soul.

  1. Drinking tea reduces the effects of stress. An exceptional ingredient in Tea called L Theanine stimulates your Alpha brain waves creating relaxation and mental alertness.
  2. Tea strengthens your immune system helping to Prevent Colds and Flu during the winter months and beyond.
  3. Drinking tea helps metabolize fats (just in case you are making some bad food choices) and helps keep cholesterol levels low and convert fats into energy, especially Oolongs.
  4. Drinking tea is good for the skin and helps you to keep looking radiant. Take a warm bath in Rooibos tea for soothing your body and promoting deep relaxation.
  5. Drinking tea with a friend or your family is just the best thing for slowing down, being more mindful, and taking time to appreciate how much we already have in our lives.

Take time for tea, your Recession Remedy!

the Tea Lady

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