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The debate about the amount of caffeine in tea compared to coffee has been ongoing and does not seem likely to stop any time soon. There are many conflicting reports about dry weight versus brewed, water temp, steeping time, etc. We know for certain that there is tea with caffeine, and reports all agree that most caffeine is found in black tea.

Harrogate Yorkshire Black Tea

Should you be drinking tea with caffeine? Scientific studies to date have also been contradictory.  There is no conclusive evidence that caffeine causes or exacerbates illness or medical conditions.

I am going to share my theory on the subject. This is my personal view and what we share with our visitors at Local Tea Company, where we showcase tea WITH caffeine.

Tea with Caffeine is naturally found in the leaves of camellia sinensis, giving the plant a built-in defense system deterring insects from eating the leaves due to the bitter taste of caffeine.

Caffeine in Tea

However, not all caffeine is equal! I am a great advocate of caffeine in tea because the leaf also contains another extraordinary component.  L- Theanine is an amino acid that works in conjunction with caffeine to provide your body with a powerhouse of benefits.

Caffeine alone will enter your bloodstream very quickly and stimulate the beta brain waves (fight or flight!). In tea, the L-Theanine follows right behind to stimulate the alpha brain waves (relaxation!), effectively canceling out any negative behavior of caffeine alone. In conjunction, the process unfolds slowly, giving you relaxed alertness that will last for several hours.  Think of the monks alert but calm, and imagine what might happen if they drank coffee all day.

L-Theanine also creates lots of energy (which in turn helps burn calories!). Tea should be used as part of a healthy lifestyle.  To achieve the best results, I can certainly say it has worked for me. Drink a cuppa for some energy.

Tea Day

Here is how my tea day unfolds…..

I like to drink tea with caffeine throughout the day, usually starting with black during the early morning—something bold like Yorkshire Harrogate.  Later I switch to a more gentle green tea like Goji Green.  I have found that black tea is not good for me late in the day unless I want to stay awake all night! Of course, we have some amazing caffeine-free teas.  Yes, caffeine-free is not de-caffeinated.  This is a good topic for my next post.

Goji Green Tea from Local Tea Company We are all different and metabolize caffeine at different rates.  So work on what is right for your body and lifestyle—no need to despair when an alternative is required.  So let’s drink ‘true tea’ as often as our bodies will allow and enjoy the benefits of this amazing beverage.

the TeaLady

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