Serving Partners

Wholesale teas.  We are thrilled to be able to offer our loose leaf teas from a variety of partners. You can enjoy our teas served as loose leaf, as iced teas, in SOILON sachets or in our retail packets. If you know somewhere that you think should be serving or selling our teas, please tell them about us. Thank you for supporting our partners.

Locally Inspired

Local Tea Company promotes local products and services, protects local environments and celebrates local treasures. Great things start at the local level.  Therefore it is no surprise our motto is “Sip Locally”.

Three times more money is injected into the local economy when people buy from local businesses rather than national chains.  Local businesses put their money back into the local economy.  Both employees and vendors contribute to a cycle of support that strengthens a community.  Sip Locally.

Our locally inspired, loose leaf teas celebrate Svarasota.  As an example, our most popular tea, Selby Select is inspired by Marie Selby Botanical Gardens.  Selby was our home base from 2007 until 2016.  We have created teas celebrating other parts of Selby Gardens, including our Little Monkey Fruit Tea and our Secret Garden Green Tea.

Other locally inspired loose leaf teas include…

We created a tea for the Edison Ford Winter Estates in Fort Meyers.  You will love the sweetness of our Edison Ford Fruit Tea.  Local Tea Company organized the Celebrating Sarasota Collection of Teas and we are working on more clever creations of loose leaf tea blends.

Join us in practicing “Sip Locally” throughout our community.  We love Sarasota and we love sharing our community with the many visitors we meet every day.  In Conclusion, we appreciate all the support and will continue working hard to contribute to our local community.

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