Welcome Back, Pear Mu Tan

Welcome Back, Pear Mu Tan

Welcome Back, Pear Mu Tan. I am very happy to announce that our Pear Mu Tan White tea is back in stock. And a few weeks earlier than expected.

To celebrate, I immediately brewed a cuppa of this fine white tea. As you may know, my preferences lean towards Lapsang Souchong and our Organic Sarasotan Breakfast Blend, as well as our Mates and Rooibos teas. And, I forgot how wonderful Pear tea tastes.


Pear is a delicate yet prominent flavor. Apple and mango offer more clever sweetness, and the marigold blossoms are lovely in the tea basket.

The other fantastic news is that I steeped this tea three times. The third steep was not as strong as the first, but it was still a lovely cuppa. And I probably could have enjoyed a fourth steep, but I had to leave the Tea Lair. Multi-Steeping is the BEST!!!

Pear Mu Tan is a White tea grown in Fujian Province, China. White teas are surrounded by folklore and mystique heralded from ancient China.

So, Pear Mu Tan is available to order from our website, and if you are interested in more information, here is a post from Glynis about Mu Tan Pear Tea and a post on our other white tea, White Mischief.

Thank you for the feedback since this tea has been unavailable. It got us thinking about adding more White Teas to our lineup here in the Tea Lair. So, we have been furiously tasting white teas and are very close to some decisions. And that is always difficult to pick among delicious favorites.

So, you can expect more White Teas very soon. We are thinking of a similar lineup of our green teas, excellent flavored teas, to go with a pure White Tea.

Welcome Back, Pear Mu Tan Tea. Yippee!!!

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