Telling the Bees

Telling the Bees

The Queen is dead. Long live the King. But who’s going to tell the Royal Bees?

Here is a link to an article explaining this Apiarian tradition.

Here is a link to video about Telling the Bees.

You may know that I keep bees at home. Currently, I have a single beehive sitting on a second-floor terrace outside our bedroom. The honey is lovely, a strong gamey sweetness that I love in my perfect cuppa Lapsang Souchong every morning, in my greek yogurt, and in the vinaigrette Dianne whisks up a few times each week.

The hive is easy to access, and I do like to come home from a long day in the Tea Lair and watch the girls come and go. I share parts of my day as I watch the mesmerizing stream of bees entering and exiting their hive. Telling the Bees!

Telling the Bees

The bees are known as the Lady Spartans and proudly display the block ‘S’ in the home team green on white on the hive. Our football team has been lackluster this year, despite the coach’s new contract. Though I did see Coach Izzo on the sidelines during the U of M game last week and hoops season starts soon. Telling the Bees

I’ll usually report the highlights of my golf game on Saturdays or Sundays. I am quite certain the bees are more interested in my updates than Dianne. I have been struggling to find the fairway with my new driver. My putting has been erratic, though I think I have found a fix. If I make any birdies or long putts, the bees will be told. Telling the Bees.

The bees don’t seem to care about the tv or movies we watch, so I stick to family updates. Emily moved to Denver, and Jessica is graduating from Maine in December. Nikki is getting married in February, and Dianne is busy helping to plan the celebration.

The bees are busy, and I have floated the idea of splitting the hive and setting up another next door. Maybe in the Spring.

Telling the Bees

Anyway, as mentioned in the article, Telling the Bees, “It’s generally thought to be a good and nice thing to do.

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