Organic Strawbango Black Tea

The Name Organic Black Strawbango Tea

The name Organic Strawbango Black Tea

Patience was needed back in 2009 when we started to search for a name for our Organic Strawbango Black Tea, a clever blend of strawberries and Mangoes with a suggestion of calendula. 

A quote from T.S. Eliot served as a starting point with his 'Naming of Cats' poem, though we made tea the subject. 

Not to be confused with Bruce Boston’s excellent poem, 'Naming of Teas' which I will save for another post.  

Our version, influenced by Eliot, is...

The naming of teas is a difficult matter, it isn't just one of your everyday games--- Some might think you mad as a hatter. Should you tell them, each goes by several names.

For starters, each tea in this world must belong to the families Black or Green or Oolong; Then look more closely at these family trees---- Some include Indian, African, Sri Lankan along with Chinese."

The naming of a tea IS complicated. You have every right to think, perhaps the name ‘Strawbango’ was taken straight from a T.S. Eliot book! Or from Bruce Boston.  Sorry, not the case.  

We invented Strawbango in 2009, way before the Ghost Energy Drink or any Strawbango Margarita Mix hit the market.  We joke about not using consultants, brand experts, or focus groups.  We said it and went with it.  Pretty cool.  

And all these years later, our Organic Strawbango Black tea continues to thrill our customers.  If you like a bit of sweet juiciness with your black teas, try this gem.  

You can always find this organic black tea blend served as an iced tea at Cafe in the Park, one of our serving partners at Payne Park in downtown Sarasota. This iced tea is perfect after some fun at Circus Park or during one of the amazing outdoor music sessions they host.  

Sri Lankan Organic Black Tea

Organic Strawbango Black is an organically cultivated black tea from the mountains of Sri Lanka.

Not only do we have splendid-tasting black tea, but two of our favorite Florida fruits are added for the perfect amount of exotic sweetness! 

Strawberry and Mango are two fruits made for each other and scattered between the juiciness, you will find delicate calendula blossoms.  

And if you look at the country of Sri Lanka, it somewhat resembles the shape of a strawberry crossed with the shape of a mango.  Yes?

Sri Lanka has a long history of growing tea. Dating back to when the island was named Ceylon, Thomas Lipton created his tea brand from plantations in the southern part of the island.

Sri Lanka continues to be a substantial exporter of tea. The humidity, cool temperatures, and rainfall in the tea-growing regions provide a climate ideal for producing high-quality tea.

This tea is organically cultivated but has not pursued the requirements to be designated ORGANIC.

Enjoy our Organic Strawbango Black Tea as a start to your day, or serve as an iced tea. See if your guests can guess the flavors. 

Enjoy Your Tea,


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