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CreativiTea Fruit Tea

CreativiTea Fruit Tea

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CreativiTea Fruit Tea

CreativiTea Fruit Tea celebrates the Sarasota Chalk Festival, the most important contemporary street painting event in the world, taking place in Sarasota.

Caffeine-free and sugar-free, CreativiTea Fruit Tea celebrates artists of the world with a fruit and herb tisane blended with apple, mango, orange peel, carrot flakes, lemongrass, stinging nettles, sweet mulberry leaves, and rosebuds.

CreativiTea Fruit Tea makes a delicious herbal iced tea and is available throughout the Sarasota Chalk Festival to artists for inspiration as well as the over 200,000 expected visitors.

CreativiTea Fruit Tea is available in 2-ounce quantities, from which 20 to 25 cups of herbal tea can be made.


Prepared like tea, CreativiTea Fruit Tea contains no tea leaves. Use boiling water; infusions can be steeped for up to 10 minutes, depending on personal preferences. 

Store in a dry place.

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