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Little Monkey Tea

Little Monkey Tea

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Little Monkey Tea

Our Little Monkey Tea was created to celebrate the Ann Goldstein Children's Rainforest Garden at Selby Gardens. It is a safe, natural place for young children and their families to develop a life-long appreciation for the living world through outdoor play, discovery, and learning.

A tropical combination of mango, pineapple, tangerine, and calendula, Little Monkey Tea is naturally caffeine-free with no sugar added. This tea is all fruit and herbs and, therefore, outstanding as a hot or iced tea.

Selby Garden Custom Teas

Little Monkey fruit tea is one more custom tea created for Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, similarly joining Selby Select Rooibos, Secret Garden Green tea, and Island Mango Black Tea.  Or try our Selby Gardens Tea Sampler.

20 to 25 cups of tea can be made from 2 oz of loose-leaf Little Monkey Tea.

We also suggest steeping all our teas multiple times for even more cups of great herbal tea.

Brewing Instructions for Little Monkey Tea

Steep this tea multiple times. Loose-leaf teas have far more flavor than traditional tea bags due to their superior quality and freshness. Tea strength is a personal decision. Please experiment to determine your preferences.

Use boiling water and allow your tea to steep as little as 3 minutes or as much as 10 minutes. For each of the following steeps, use boiling water and double the steep time. If you do not want to drink all the tea, store it in the fridge for wonderful iced tea.

Store in a dry place.

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