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Mote Beach Tea

Mote Beach Tea

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Mote Beach Tea

Mote Beach Tea is a combination of fruits and herbs, including coconut, apple, hibiscus, rosehips, and pineapple. This herbal tea contains no sugar and is naturally caffeine-free.

Created to honor the marine research conducted at Mote Marine Laboratory. This beach-inspired loose-leaf herbal tea is a tisane and contains no true tea, Camellia sinensis.

High in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, this tea is wonderful hot as a calming bedtime drink, iced for a delicious drink all day, and frozen as a popsicle in the summer.

Available in distinctive blue bags that are re-sealable to maintain freshness. On the back of each package is an overview of Mote Marine Laboratory.

Local Tea Company donates a portion of all sales of Mote Beach Tea back to Mote to support their ongoing activities.  

20 to 25 cups of tea can be made from 2 oz of loose leaf tea.

Brewing Instructions for Mote Beach Tea

Steep this tea multiple times. Loose-leaf teas have far more flavor than traditional tea bags due to their superior quality and freshness. Tea strength is a personal decision. Please experiment to determine your preferences.

Use boiling water and allow your tea to steep as little as 3 minutes or as much as 10 minutes. For each of the following steeps, use boiling water and double the steep time; if you do not want to drink all the tea, store it in the fridge for wonderful iced tea.

Store in a dry place.

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