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Van Wezel Rooibos Tea

Van Wezel Rooibos Tea

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Van Wezel Rooibos Tea

The signature rooibos tea for the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall, celebrates all of the fabulous performances in Sarasota, Florida.

You will love this custom-blended rooibos with black and red currants. Besides, this tea is perfect for an intermission any time, anywhere.

This tea is part of the Celebrating Sarasota Collection of Teas.

The Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall on Sarasota Bay is the world's only purple seashell-shaped theater.

William Wesley Peters designed the structure. He was a chief architect at Taliesin Associated Architects of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and Wright's son-in-law.

The bold color evokes the seashell theme. Selected by Wright's widow Olgivanna, the color is based on a seashell she found near the Sea of Japan. That seashell, for instance, is now on display in the Van Wezel lobby.

Naturally caffeine-free.

20 to 25 cups of tea can be made from 2 oz of loose-leaf rooibos tea.

BREWING INSTRUCTIONS for Van Wezel Rooibos Tea

Prepare like tea. This gem contains no tea leaves. All rooibos blends are caffeine-free. Use boiling water and steep for up to 10 minutes, depending on your personal preference. All rooibos teas are sold in 2oz packets from which 20-25 cups of tea can be brewed unless otherwise noted.

Store in a dry place.

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