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More White Teas - 4 New Gems

More White Teas?

As many of you may know, during the pandemic we experienced shipping delays with our Pear Mu Tan White tea. Our shipments were stuck in transit.

You may have seen the post we did when it came back in stock in February, Welcome Back, Pear Mu Tan. It is a delicious tea that people love.

The bright spot in this mini-crisis was showing us how popular White Teas are with you. Perhaps human nature is such that you want what you cannot have? And, in case you need some right now, Morton’s Market is the one Serving Partner we have here in Sarasota that offers this wonderful tea by the cuppa.

For many years we have offered two white teas, Pear Mu Tan and White Mischief. I should mention our Dragonfruit Green also has a bit of white tea in the blend, but not enough to be a true White Tea.

More White Teas

We went a little crazy here in our tea lair. Since early last year, we have been furiously sampling white teas. And, today, I am thrilled to announce MORE white teas from Local Tea Company.

You will find a pure white tea with leaves plucked before dawn, and three magically flavored blends.

Here is a bit more about each of our new white teas…


Night White Tea

We have been looking for a ‘pure’ white tea for a very long time. The objective was to search for a complement to our unflavored green teas, Organic Sencha and Pinhead Gunpowder. We wanted to be blown away, and so we have been patient. Night White Tea is our answer.

This tea is plucked in the hours before sunrise when the moon is still in the sky. The tea leaves are hand withered and produce a delicate, light brew. The dry leaves appear white as if reflected by moonlight.

You may taste a grassy nuttiness in a cuppa Night White Tea. The tea brews very clear, and I was very happy with the 3rd infusion. Later infusions were too weak, regardless of the steep time. But oh what a tea for the first 3 cups. Eureka was the lasting thought!


Mango Mu Tan White Tea

This was the first new white tea we added. If you keep a Tea journal, you might fold the top of the page for this one. We did. Usually, Mango is a ‘heavier’ flavor. Mango Mu Tan merely hints at Mango, far from overpowering with an astringent finish.

An easy addition! And, if you enjoy our Strawbango Black Tea, we would love to know your impressions and comparisons. We love Mangoes!


Blue Mu Tan White Tea

This will be our first tea with blueberries, along with some bilberries. We have always found blueberry to be too strong a flavor and hard to be in harmony with tea leaves. This fine addition is an exception. Could it be the bilberries?

Blue Mu Tan has a lovely balance and yields a light, clear white tea with a hint of blueberry. I like the blueberries in my yogurt, but this one is very special. Enjoy!


Peach Mu Tan White Tea

Our plan was to add two flavored white teas. That is until we tasted this gem. We liked it right away but decided to wait a few weeks to give it another taste.

Peach Mu Tan was even better the next time. A unique sweetness from ripe peaches and apricots makes this a tea that should be high on your tea list.


So, that’s our new White Tea lineup. You asked for more White Teas and there you have it. We hope you like them and we promise to do our best to keep them in stock for you.

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