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Rooibos Tea Sampler

Rooibos Tea Sampler

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Rooibos Tea Sampler

A Rooibos Tea Sampler? This is an idea one of our customers suggested. "Why not offer a small portion of a variety of your teas so people could try them at a reasonable price."

Great idea! So we created 'Samplers' for our black teas,  green teas,  rooibos teas, and actually 2 for our herbal teas. Thanks again for the great idea, and enjoy!

Sample Rooibos Tea is a collection of our favorite rooibos teas. You can select either 3/4 oz of loose-leaf, enough to make 6 to 8 cups of each, or 4 of our SOILON 'silk' sachets of each tea. The rooibos teas are the following...


Selby Select Rooibos Tea

Our best-selling rooibos combines juicy oranges and vanilla for a creamy creamsicle flavor. Because you can't steep an orchid. Created to celebrate Selby Gardens.

Mable's Rose Rooibos Tea

Roses and subtle cherries blended with Rooibos for a bit of Ca d'Zan in your cuppa. If you liked John's house, you would love Mable's Tea. Created to celebrate The Ringling Museum.

Organic Lavender Rooibos Tea

An organic Rooibos blended with lavender, rosehip shells, dried red and black currants, rose petals, and bilberries. Heady perfumed lavender notes with a floral, fresh, fruity, and mellow flavor. This is a very relaxing tea for consumption anytime or at night.

Lemon Sunset Rooibos Tea

A complex and powerful Rooibos of sun-kissed lemons with a tart, citrus edge softened by calendula petals, lemongrass, and natural flavors.

Store in a dry place.

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